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Decathlon Belgium has 30 retail stores and is part of a fast growing French sports chain that is the European market leader within the industry: it brings all sports together under one roof and offers innovative and affordable brands, such as Quechua for mountain sports, Kalenji for athletics, Kipsta for football or B'TWIN for cycling.

Decathlon Belgium sets great store by its social media presence and uses Faqbot to automate frequently asked questions from its customers. This allows customers to get FAQ responses in real time and enables the customer service team to focus on more complex requests. This means they can get more work done with the same number of people and simultaneously increase customer involvement.


BESIX is the builder of the world's tallest tower, the largest Belgian group operating in the construction, concessions and property development sectors. It profiles itself as a multi-services group, from ideation stage to realisation and operation. BESIX Group has about 15,000 employees, active in 20 countries on 5 different continents with EUR 2.4 billion revenue in 2016.

BESIX uses Faqbot to promote BESIX to their online visitors and to guide job applicants through their application and selection processes. While answering any frequently asked questions from the applicants of 'hard to fill' positions in real-time, to enhance the user experience and engagement.


Ricoh Belgium is a part of Ricoh Group Japan which operates in 200 countries with over USD 1.8 billion turnover in 2017. Ricoh specializes in Managed Print Services, taking a holistic approach to providing consistent, high-quality service to more than 4,000 corporations of all sizes across verticals and continents.

Ricoh Belgium uses Faqbot to support and guide their customers in finding and ordering new toners for their printers or accessing frequently required e-services related to their printers. Ricoh Belgium integrates Faqbot into their online customer support page to answer FAQs in real time that is available 24/7.


Europ Assistance Belgium is a Belgian market leader that specializes in assisting people with various travel, driving, family and health care needs. Every year, Europe Assistance Belgium receives around 425,000 calls and manages over 190,000 cases. Europ Assistance Belgium is a part of Europ Assistance Group France which operates in over 33 countries.

Europ Assistance Belgium integrates Faqbot into their online FAQ page to answer customers' frequently asked questions and to curate a customer-driven FAQ database with real customer feedback and requests. Customers get the answer to their FAQs in real time and automatically. This frees up their service agents so they are able to focus on more complex customers requests.


Acerta is a leading Belgian provider of HR services. It specializes in consulting on HR-related matters as well as in the digitalization and organization of administrative processes for payroll management, social security, child benefits, and branch formalities.

It provides step-by-step support for entrepreneurs as their businesses grow. Acerta employs more than 1300 people in 38 offices in Belgium.

It uses Faqbot to enhance the workflows of its customers, who are accountants and who use the online service tools to register new companies and to complete administrative formalities. Faqbot's NLP module enables Acerta to gather, curate and match users' keyword searches to relevant index codes used to categorise companies activities. Faqbot is integrated into Acerta's system via an API.


Roularta Media Group is a Belgian-French publishing and printing firm. It is a market leader in magazines about general topics, business and sports news, lifestyle, medical and other professional content and local media such as door-to-door local papers, Sunday newspapers, lifestyle magazines and internet marketing solutions. Roularta has more than 3,000 employees and a consolidated turnover of EUR 750 million.

Roularta uses Faqbot to answer FAQs from its magazine subscribers in Dutch and French, in real time and automatically. Faqbot is installed on its FAQ page for customer support on its web portal for magazine subscriptions,


Lampiris is an independent Belgian supplier of green electricity and gas. In 2016, with more than one million customers, Lampiris was acquired by Total with a view to continuing its strong growth, development of new integrated product offerings and market expansion effort.

Lampiris seeks to enhance prospect engagement and lead generation initiatives across the social media channel. It launched an automated conversational bot with Faqbot as first line prospect engagement to guide online visitors in estimating their energy consumption. This enables Lampiris to make a personalized offer that is adapted to consumption.


Immotransit is a leading online marketplace for the rental, sale and purchase of real estate. Real estate agencies subscribe to their services to promote and sell their portfolio of buildings, apartments, houses or land on the platform.

Immotransit collaborates with Faqbot to enable their online users to browse and peruse their large offering of houses, apartments or offices conversationally. Instead of sending an email or call, users chat to ask for for information concerning a property that they are interested in. This allows Immotransit to respond in real time to any basic requests while allocating their precious resources to qualified leads.


Rydoo is a fast growing global company that provides an online expense management solution. They are looking to increase the capability and capacity of their customer success team to support their customers during configuration, onboarding and usage of their application.

Rydoo provides in-person support and an integrated Faqbot to provide automated answer to their frequently asked questions. Human agents switch to the automated conversational agent (bot) during their out-of-office hours. This ensures 24/7 support coverage. The Faqbot in only accessible for Rydoo’s customers on their product portal.


ListMinut is an online marketplace platform that enables people to contact and employ local service providers for day-to-day tasks such as gardening, assembling IKEA furniture, babysitting, etc. Founded in 2013, it now has more than 60,000 users.

ListMinut uses Faqbot on its online contact page to guide its users through its signup process and to answer any FAQs in real time. This reduces the volume of inbound customer support tickets and enhances users' experience of its services.

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